A Bit Lost

Sorry all. I am not sure quite what happened with the T’Internet. I thought I had put a blog up and then it wasn’t there and then some comments flew the nest as well. I am wrestling manfully with a new laptop and losing most of the time so it’s probably my fault. Never mind – all seems to be ok now. 

Anyway, just calling in to let you know I am really enjoying The Silkworm from JK Rowling which has just gone into paperback. (Daughter’s gap year job at Waterstones bookshop paying off at last – bought this for me half price)  She is a really talented writer of stories I think. All those years writing Harry Potter and it was almost as if it wasn’t that difficult because it was a children’s story (this is quite obviously rubbish) and here she is proving that she is dead clever by creating a really good detective series for adults as well. Genius. (I never liked her) 

There is nothing on at the pictures except for half term kids films and Fifty Shades of Grey and though I bow to no one in my admiration for Paddington I have seen it already. The less said about 50 Shades the better. Leaving behind all the very deep debates about submissive relationships , it just seems me like whoever is marketing this is having the time of their lives just counting the money. 

We are still talking at Towards Belief every Monday night in Costa Coffee. The idea is to talk about things that have stopped people believing such as religious violence, miracles, abuse in the church etc. Really big deals and it is all very interesting. The more we talk though, the more I get to believe that what is needed most is a work of the Spirit. We can talk till we are blue in the face but I think that it is God that warms the heart. (This is not an advert for Calvinism – it is just me thinking that without God, talking doesn’t cut it) Still, am enjoying the company of the people there and I get a free cup of tea as well so Hurrah for evangelism, that’s what I say!


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