There are lots of times when being culturally a Brit makes me go a bit humm – The Sun’s Page 3 scam (showing a breathtaking contempt for women), Mrs Brown’s Boys (He seems really nice, I have tried really hard – it doesn’t make me laugh. Don’t hate me ) and most of the content on Channel 5. Then something comes along and it makes me want to stand up and sing God Save The Queen. (Which I don’t mind – I think it’s a tune and I am very keen on our Queenie. Prefer Jerusalem if I am pushed though) This is a long drawn out way of saying that Wolf Hall is mercifully very good. 
I LOVED the books. I was a little bit “really – are you sure?” about a screen adaptation and the TV programme is certainly different from the book – it jumps around the timelines like crazy. I am not sure you get the depths of Cromwell quite the same way here but maybe a book is better for that. I read a post by an author saying more or less how sick she was of the Tudors – Tudor This, Henry VIII that and of course she is completely right. Trouble is, this is just a super-duper watch. It rattles along. 
All the women are too pretty. Anne Boleyn, who I understood got by on her French sophistication is just lovely and the so-called mousy Jane Seymour can stop traffic with her looks but there you are. Henry VIII is  – well you can see how he is but I read this week that he was quite hot as a young man so all well there then. Just loved the clever little two minutes with the Mark Smeaton character who is nothing now but will be so significant later. It is also my first time seeing Mark Rylance. I only know him as an actor who plays long weird roles that seem to make other actors sob that they are not worthy but you see him here and you get an idea what all the fuss is about. Course, later on there will be a lot of shouting and sawing of necks etc but I will deal with that as it comes.



  1. January 22, 2015 / 10:11 am

    Encouraged by all the positive posts and fb comments this morning. Will be catching up on iPlayer later [my recording crashed, thus thwarting my plans to watch it when I got home at 10, and I went to bed instead]

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