January Thinking

Even Plymouth is cold. Plymouth is rarely cold but cold it is. We have lit the fire as a Sunday treat – it doesn’t take much to keep me happy. I think I am even now struggling to come out the other side of Christmas. I was looking forward to some time off but there is so much to do, it isn’t really a holiday and then suddenly you are back at work with all that entails. I am not really moaning. Well, I am, a bit. 
We went to church this morning to hear a new PP (Prospective Pastor) speak. He seemed fine but the other one seemed fine to me, as well as the one that I thought was a PP but tuned out to be just a visiting speaker. I thought he was especially fine. I tend not to have much to do with the pastor anyway these days. I am a bit allergic to church leadership sometimes. Anyway – as I said – he seemed fine to me and more experienced and spiritual people will make the decision. All will be well I expect. We were a bit distracted because HOH (that’s Head of House – my other half – I think someone asked last week) has hurt his back so he had to sit like Miss Jean Brodie all the way through the meeting.
On top of everything else going on I also had an unexpected meeting with Aged Parent in Primark. (Sometimes I forget she has moved to Plymouth) I have to admit, she didn’t have my full attention so I missed the beginning of the story she was sharing. All I remember is suddenly hearing (in a VERY loud voice) “The thing is, I don’t fancy him and he doesn’t fancy me – we are just friends” I suddenly became aware of too many people too absorbed in Primark’s rather fetching range of lime green sweaters while pretending very hard not to listen to aged parent’s pronouncements. Without boring you with too much detail – nothing was quite as it sounded so I didn’t have to deal with the reality of parental carryings on and therefore spending the rest of my life putting my fingers in my ears and singing God Save The Queen over and over until it goes away. No wonder I am struggling. 
No doubt, I will have my mojo back very soon. Until then, I am off to watch Foyle’s War. Is it just me but it all seems very complicated now. What with MI5 and all that. I miss the war – you knew where you were with a dead body pulled out from under an unexploded bomb.



  1. January 11, 2015 / 11:34 pm

    I am not sure about this current series of Foyle's War either. Had to watch on ITV +1 as HOH was late home from church and I had forgotten to start recording at 8pm. I do think Miss Pearce has a rather fetching line in hats tho. Sam is beginning to look a little tired [well, I suppose she IS pregnant] But I am never sure which ones in the suits are 'good' and which ones aren't. I think I preferred 'spooks' !

    • January 12, 2015 / 6:08 am

      I agree. It used to be a police murder mystery set in the war. I am not sure what it is now

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