I took part in this on Monday. I don’t know if you have heard of it. I haven’t found many people that have; although I am not helping with that because I keep calling it “Beyond Belief”.  It is a series of discussions after watching a DVD which is supposed to break down barriers to faith. The DVD is full of talking heads, most of whom are what I suppose you would term Christian Intellectuals (whatever one of those is) Then you all have a chat with the people in your group – some of whom are not Christians about what you have just seen. It’s sort of like Alpha but without the pasta bake at the beginning. I’m not sure yet if I prefer it to Alpha. It certainly covers meaty topics – suffering, religious violence, is the Bible true? Also the coffee is better than Alpha but I liked Alpha as well so we shall see. 
It always surprises me how open people are who come to these things. I suppose you would have to be fairly interested in faith to turn out on a freezing cold Monday night in January but people seem to ask interested and interesting questions, and seemed to be quite untroubled by the fact that I didn’t really feel that I could answer any of them satisfactorily. I did enjoy it though, which surprises me because, as you have probably worked out, I am scared of most people so I wouldn’t expect me to enjoy this. Anyway. Wolf Hall awaits.


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