Keeping hold

Sometimes it’s hard to hold on to your joy. Sometimes people do things with the best motives but they do your head in. Sometimes those things nibble at the vision that you feel God has given you almost to the point where you don’t really know if you want to carry on with it.

Things to do to hold on to whatever it is God has said to you

  1.  Kind of in the way that The Beastie Boys advised you to “Fight For Your Right..To Paaarty” you may need to pitch in and fight for what you believe to be right. (In a totally non confrontational, Christiany  way obvs)
  2. Keep doing the right things. Stick to the plan. If this thing was worth doing before, it still continues to be so, however disillusioned you may feel.
  3. You are not going anywhere Jesus hasn’t been before. People were always telling him he was doing it wrong. He wasn’t.
  4. Ask yourself if “The Advice” you have received has any truth in it. If there is something you can learn, you must learn from it. If possible without learning through gritted teeth and muttering about “know-it-alls” (even if they are)
  5. Resove to be graceful if you know you are right. God has little time for gloaters who shout “Oh yeah! Oh yeah” while dancing and pointing in accusing way to the person who you have overcome.
  6. Smile like Morecambe. It will sort itself. This will pass. Get on with the job in hand.



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