HOH has been out in the garden, cutting stuff back, pulling stuff up, digging things over. Our back yard doesn’t exactly look dead glamorous at the moment. It suits my mood. It’s ages off Christmas, a grand summer has come and gone, because we are saving for aforementioned Christmas and double glazing, we are skint. Everyone is working really hard with nothing much else going on. 
Do you think though, that this may be a healthy attitude? If your life is abundant all the time as Kim Kardashian and some tele-evangelists would have it, then do you forget how to celebrate during the special times? If there is no paring back and scarcity then surely you become clogged up and bloated. If we take our cue from nature which benefits from land that lies quiet and fallow for a while, then we should expect there to be quiet times, poorer times and slow times. I get annoyed with people in T’Internet who gabble on about how much they love Autumn and when you look further into it, it’s because the new coats are out at Primark or because Yankee Candles have a half price offer on their “Fallen Leaves” range. They then post photos of themselves from a jaunty angle with a full make up face pretending to kick up leaves while not actually letting any leaves touch their new boots.
That isn’t Autumn for me. There are lovely colours of course but they are the colours of nature drawing a veil, battening down the hatches and preparing for what is to come. That’s not as bad as it sounds. We can, if we want to, slow down a bit. We can read a bit more, sleep a bit more. We can give more attention to our inner lives. Pray a bit more and don’t be afraid to not be as busy. It is truly ok I think to let things go and be a bit less for a while. Trust me – Christmas will be here soon enough. Close your eyes and you can almost hear the sound of the Marks and Spencer adverts.


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