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For reasons that are too complicated to bother you with here, I have just spent a weekend dipping in and out of the X Factor and Strictly. As regular readers will know, I am more inclined to one rather than the other of these. FOW2 and my good self have just joined Strictly. I usually like to give it a bit of time to bed in and also, I do think that it goes on for an awfully long time these days. There at least thirty eight couples in the starting line up. There has been a bit of a hoo-ha today because Thom has been sent home and he is a reasonable dancer. The thing is, I don’t get up too worked up about who goes though on Strictly. It’s all a bit of a gamble. The public can be quite weird and will vote for people that they take a fancy to for no other reason than they just like the cut of their jib. I don’t think the best dancer has won Strictly for years. The thing is that it doesn’t really matter because the pros and the slebs are already in the game. They have “Showbiz”  careers (even if some may be a bit more successful than others) they know the game. They understood how it might be when they started and when they go they go back to slogging away at whatever branch of showbiz they have come from. (Again, some more successfully than others)
I find the X Factor more troubling. For a start, some of them look like children. When did we start lining children up and then rejecting them for our personal delectation and delight? Also, when they are rejected, they don’t return to panto or Gardeners Question time or whatever. Most of them go back to the sausage factory from whence they came. Even winning the thing seems to be the kiss of death as far as I can see. I don’t like it. I try to because, at this time of year, not liking the X Factor can leave me feeling very much alone but I can’t. Also, can I just say, a lot of the singers are just rubbish? Is that acceptable? I watched some lad last night do things to “Try A Little Tenderness” that would have got him arrested in seven states in America. Also I’m pretty certain that the lyric is “shabby dress”. NOT “SHAGGY DRESS” Good Grief.


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  1. October 31, 2014 / 1:17 am

    Again, I'm totally with you on this. X factor makes me feel uncomfortable and cringe. It also sets an artificial view of being a musician/singer do that young people think it happenin just like that and so it is a career path that is easier. As someone who has trained as a musician, I know HOW HARD it is and the rejection and competition you can face all along the way, you get prepared for it. X

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