I don’t think I would call myself what is sometimes
charmingly referred to as a “rabid feminist”.  (Although I would say you
are a lady feminist if you are female and vote, or expect the same pay
for doing the same job as a man, or expect your name to go on the
mortgage if you pay into it or indeed expect that if your husband
decides he would rather live with the chambermaid, you do not expect to
be turned out into the cold without a possession or any of your
children) Anyway I digress. It’s just that something that happened this week that
made me think – would it happen to a man?

There has been a post circulating on Facebook this week
called “Her name was Reeva Steencamp” This is because in all the
shouting about Oscar Pistorious and whether he did or whether he didn’t
and the debates about the effect it was all having on his life and his
career etc etc – some reports haven’t even mentioned her name. Some just
call her his girlfriend or a lingerie model. Anyway her name was Reeva –
Reeva Steencamp. The piece about her is here if you are interested. 

a lighter but connected note. Can I just say that I have always liked
Daniel Radcliffe? I haven’t been too impressed by many of his films
since his Harry Potter days to be honest but he’s young and he will
develop. He has almost made it on to the list of people who it would be
acceptable for our daughter to bring home with a view to marriage.
Almost but not quite but still a creditable try with this.

In case you can’t read it, he picks up on a reporter who says he struggles to regard him as handsome after having watched him grow up in Harry Potter. Radcliffe replies that men do not seem to be having the same problem with Emma Watson. As I say, creditable sentiments and he came quite close to getting on the acceptable suitor list but Head of House has
vetoed him – because I put in a vote for Roy Keane but that has also been deemed
unacceptable. Honestly, young people these days.



  1. October 30, 2014 / 9:15 pm

    My Mum wanted me to marry Peter Noone or Roger Daltrey!
    Jane x

  2. October 31, 2014 / 1:13 am

    Someone SAID that to him?? That's just rude!!! Interesting point about feminism. Yes, I guess I am one in all those senses. That's true that we need to remember Reeva's name too! I hope you are well Martha. X

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