A New Venture

The weather is changing here in Devon, a bit misty in the mornings now and a bit chilly until the sun comes out. Probably about time, if only to kill off some of the alien size spiders that have taken up residence in our garden. I heard someone on the radio say that all the house spiders we see are male and that we would know if we saw a female, because apparently they are THREE TIMES THE SIZE OF A MALE SPIDER! How can that be possible? I have been out and given the garden spiders a strict talking to about the rules. “Stay out here and you live, Enter my house and I cannot be held responsible for the consequences – especially if you are thinking about bringing the lady wife with you.” Time will tell if they take the wise course of action.

I am looking into starting a new group at church. It’s a group for young adults. Too old for youth but not part of the student community – at least not yet. Most of the ideas are still forming in my head but I will get there. The idea is that they spend one night fortnightly at our house – your basic time honoured Bible Study vibe and then, on alternate weeks, go and do something social without me. This way, I get more recovery time from young people and they get time to build community without an old fart in tow. It’s a win win I think you will find.

The only slightly jarring note so far is that someone suggested that I might like to think of a name for the group. You see I don’t really hold with all this modern naming stuff – you know – ZOOM!, DYNAMIC! or THRUST! you get the idea. Or worse still things that are almost acronyms. IYBIHWC! (If You Build It He Will Come – in case you were wondering) At the moment, I am thinking of going with “Young Adults”. I think it has a ring to it.



  1. October 1, 2014 / 7:52 pm

    Great idea, keep us posted on how it goes. I'm not involved but our church has just started a similar type of group for that 'too old for youth group' contingent……dont think ours has a name either!

  2. October 1, 2014 / 8:57 pm

    Back in the 60s we had a group at church called "1822" which was for people between 18 and 40. [do the maths!] Many people mistakenly thought that was when the group was founded! The ladies meeting started a choir, initially called the Womens Own Gospel Singers but then they decided to change it [I suggested Ladies Evangelistic Gospel Singers instead but my Mum told me off]
    Our [open] youth group here is called Thirst [they meet on Thirstday night] and the sunday bible study group is called Breathe [not sure why]

    I am nervous about names which include punctuation. Delirious?. Or reverse letters. ToyRUs. Or mixed upper and lower case. iWotsit.
    Lets go back to the old days, Youth For Christ, Young Women's Bright Hour, Christian Endeavour [oh, if only Inspector Morse had become a Baptist….]
    blessings x

  3. October 7, 2014 / 8:33 pm

    My church has a group like this and it is called The Living Room. They meet on a Tuesday night and have a meal together, then fellowship and then go to the pub! if only it wasn't on a Tuesday as I am usually out at orchestra!x

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