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Just to let you know that I have just finished this and really enjoyed it. It’s set in a debtors prison and it is full of historical detail and social history and a stonking good murder mystery and, if I guessed one of the murderers almost straight away, it didn’t spoil anything, partly because I didn’t see the other murder thing coming at all. Got it out of the library too so I have frugal brownie points as well.

Just in passing, I thought that Dr Who was a lot better this week. I hope he works, I really like him.

Finally, I think I told you that FOW1 was 21 a few weeks ago. FOW 2 and my good self were running around M and S trying to get candles for the cake. FOW1 is at that funny age when he is too adult for cake and candles unless you don’t bother getting them for him and then you are a bad parent. Anyway, we couldn’t find any of the right numbers (2 and 1) so we got these. they add up to the right number so it’s the same thing right? Apparently not.


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