That’s what my heart yearns for now…

…Love and Pride

Off to the pictures AGAIN…what are we like?? We went to see the film “Pride” as a sort of celebration of my brother’s life. Four years on 25th September since he died. We thought it was a film he would have loved – there’s a good disco bit! Anyway – we loved it too. It’s about the 1985 Miners’ Strike and a group of gay activists who decide to support them whether they want them to or not. There is a lot of mistrust on both sides but…well you can probably guess how it goes. It is quite formulaic but surprisingly moving. The music is great – especially the way Billy Bragg’s Power in a Union is used. It came as a surprise to me that some of the people in the film were real people. You get the titles at the end to tell you what happened to them in real life. Again very moving – don’t forget this was as AIDS was just emerging. We cried about four times for various reasons. I’m not I would watch it with a maiden aunt or The Rev Ian Paisley were he still with us. Oh and it’s a really good laugh as well


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  1. September 30, 2014 / 4:01 pm

    It got a brilliant review on Radio 4. I shall try and get to see it – but I want to see Effie Gray as well….I only do about 3 cinema trips a year. I like the idea of a film trip as a life-celebration-event. Brilliant!!

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