Holy Mystery

This is my not particularly impressive photo of Wembury Church. It’s a long way off and a lot of it is behind the greenery. I was a bit distracted by how far we had walked and the prospect of chips when we got home. It is a very purdee church – Norman most of it and it has a real sense of a community in it. People pay a lot of money to get married there and you can see why. Although, to tell you the truth, if the weather is a bit off, and it can be in Devon believe it or not, then you might be better served by having your wedding photos in a wind tunnel – the effect is more or less the same. Anyway, to walk in is to feel a sense of calm and if you pay attention, I think you can get a sense of God. I like a church me. I like old ones and new ones. I even like boxes built in the sixties. Actually, I especially like the boxy ones built in the sixties.

But (I realise that I just started a paragraph with BUT but I am trying to tell you something and I can’t be bothered.) But, I read this in the Message in Luke. Jesus has just healed the Centurion’s servant and raised a woman’s son from the dead. They are outside, by the village gate near the funeral procession and the disciples realise something

They all realised that they were in a place of holy mystery, that God was at work among them.

They are not in church or temple. There are no visitations from Moses or Elijah or angels with fiery swords. Just them – with Jesus. And he is doing stuff. And they realise that this means that God is doing stuff. Maybe they mean that this time was a place of holy mystery. I don’t know really. This signalled a change among them. And I thought that as I ask God and he moves in circumstances and I see God at work in ways that I cannot fathom, that I need to train my “Holy Mystery Detector” to see things for what they are. To not wait for meetings or for church.

The Bible said that this realisation made them

..quietly worshipful and then noisily grateful

I like this – a bit of respectful realisation of what they were dealing with followed by a bit of joy and gratitude. 

Sometimes there is so much trash happening in my life, a great deal of which (but not all) I create myself that I can miss that God is there, working, above and beyond the day to day. 



  1. September 25, 2014 / 8:39 am

    Great post hun and very well said. I think we all forget that sometimes.Its easy to get caught up in the here and now.

    Also like you I love to take a look around all churches, much to hubbies distain. But I find them fascinating and beautiful.

    X x

  2. September 29, 2014 / 11:27 am

    I love this post! Amen and amen! xx

  3. September 29, 2014 / 8:01 pm

    I like this Martha! Yes, he's always with us and in all the moments, it's just we need to hear the still, quiet voice!x

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