That’s It Then

I am assuming that Summer has decided to sling its hook. It is still August but if the Bank Holiday is anything to go by, I think we can safely assume that we have more or less had it. No more leisurely breakfasts on the Hoe for a while. Probably just as well judging by waistline and bank balance. It is very damp here so hopefully telly will get a bit better. Anyway…Dr Who


I love Peter Capaldi and I really hope it works out but…good grief. Without sounding too much like my Mum, half the time I had no idea what anyone was saying. It all seemed very intense and not in a good way. Not even a new story, FOW2 recognised it as an old Tennant story within 5 minutes. Don’t strain yourself Moffatt will you? And that flippin Lizzard and her wife as they kept telling us again and again and again. They came out more times than Vicky Beeching! (Sorry Vicky, I think you are lovely and brave but I kind of think it might be time to talk about someone else for a while?) 

FOW2 and I spent half an our this evening chatting about old Whos, funny Whos, sharp Whos. I miss Eccleston opening a copy of Hello magazine and commenting “That’ll never work – he’s gay and she’s an alien” I miss him telling Billie Piper that what she needed was a doctor. I miss Tennant shouting “Allons-y Allonso!” or ” You want weapons – we’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!” or Donna shouting “You’re not mating with me sunshine!” You get the idea.

I truly hope it’s not an idea whose time has passed. It is in dire need of something though. A script perhaps?


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