What have we become?


Some people made a terrible mistake this week. A shocking horrifying mistake. A passenger plane was shot down. They weren’t aiming for a passenger plane, but that was what they hit. Because of that mistake nearly two hundred people – perhaps eighty of them children, including these beautiful faces here, lost their lives in a horrible, horrible way.
It is the kind of thing that should stop us in our tracks. We should be asking ourselves – is this too far? Does this awful thing show us just how near to the abyss we are? We should be asking ourselves these things personally but also as nations. Our leaders should be leading us to our knees. Yet, what do we see? Politicians on all sides jockeying for position. Trying to take advantage. Pointing fingers. We see people playing for time, hiding evidence, stopping grieving families finding their loves, their babies.Trying to shift the blame, to absolve themselves of all responsibility.
I am naive, I know. I sort of thought that something like this would make people stop. Say “Hang on a minute – this is too much, too far. Let’s talk together like grown people who have maybe seen too much.”
It seems not. I am afraid for what we are all becoming.


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