Random musings of the sick of the palsy

Hello. Sorry for prolonged absence but have been ill. Not too much detail but the word gastric may be helpful. Looking on the bright side – at least my rings aren’t as tight and I may get away without taking my new work skirt back to get a bigger size. My whole week was messed up because I wasn’t supposed to mix with anyone till 48 hours clear (Tad too much detail there possibly) That means a trip to Taunton (For business but never been, so was thinking might be good), a pensions seminar (mind numbing but important) taking minutes at a church meeting and a Comms team were all rendered impossible. Bah! I am not very good at being ill. I am bad tempered and full of doom. I never understand people who luxuriate in illness by snuggling and watching movies. That is my loss I think. I did catch up on Rev which we had recorded but that was quite depressing. I know it’s supposed to be warts and all but good grief. And why were all the lady vicars such donks? Everyone was very good in it though. Especially Tom Hollander. 
Anyway, onwards. Above is my Mothers’ Day present from the offspring. Just got round to framing it. I have to admit that I chose it.Still counts as a present right? It’s from a site www.preditos.com which has stylish and in no way creepy scripture gifts and things. I grew up with scripture wall art either involving photos of puppies for Jesus or lonely harbours with seagulls swooping with a usually inappropriate Bible verse shoved somewhere in the top right hand corner. Well, as seagulls swooping round here is a sign to cover your head or your fish and chips, I think this site is nicer. 

We are now officially in the middle of exam season again so quite tense here. However, revision (and my belly) allowing, the three of us are hoping to go for a meal Sunday night as it’s our wedding anniversary. We are forgoing the romantic dinner for two because we have managed to sneak in a day away in London on our own in July so we are feeling generous. 23 years! And they said it wouldn’t last. Well only my mother said that actually and to be fair she had been fed some duff information by one of HOH’s exes. 



  1. May 17, 2014 / 7:20 am

    Happy Anniversary [and totally with you on naff 'scripture pictures' with seagulls, kittens, and blond blue-eyed Jesus in Persil-white robes!] Hope your insides are sufficiently back on track to appreciate your special meal xx

  2. May 17, 2014 / 1:09 pm

    Feel better soon…I'm not 'patient in affliction' either.
    Jane x

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