Opposite Ends of The Speculum….

As Victoria Wood used to say.

Watched two films this week which makes me a saddo. Ask me if  care. Both were excellent. Am aware that I am miles behind everyone else but that is my default position these days and you can live with it or….well not live with it – up to you.

First up…Frozen. I don’t get to see the animated stuff much these days. After years of being forced to every kids movie as it opened. (One day, let me describe to you, the Seventh Circle of Hell that was The Pokemon Movie.) we have now left most of them behind. Anyway, found this on TV and thought we would have a go. I thought it was great. Maybe just a teeeensy weeeensy bit overhyped? No? Just me then. If you want to go all feminist with me for a few minutes, there is lots of good stuff here. It makes fun of the Disney staple of marrying a man/prince/frog that you have only known for one day. It is one of the first Disney movies to pass the Bechdel Test where two women are allowed to talk to each other about something other than a man. Also one of the female leads manages to go through the whole thing without a love interest. So lots to Hurrah about. Then there is that storming song. Though I prefer this version myself.

To go quite to the other side of things. I was trying (unsuccessfully) to download Lie To Me on Netflix and sort of accidentally watched “Capote” (Long story and quite boring too.) As I think I have said before, I think there is a lot of flim-flam talked about actors but this is a performance and a half by Hoffman. You never quite get to the bottom of Capote and what he was like, which I think is the whole idea. It’s a great story, disturbingly told with a terrible crime and a terrible vengeance at its heart. Left me quite depressed but in a good way – if that is possible. Highly recommended.

And , a third thing while I am at it. Why did no-one tell me Endeavour was back? Can’t believe I missed the first one. Flippin eck it’s not as if we are assaulted every five seconds with decent telly is it and I manage to miss it. Blah



  1. April 6, 2014 / 6:49 pm

    I almost missed it, but recorded it and finally watched it on Friday. I saw just one trailer a week or so ago, saying it would be back soon…and suddenly it was Sunday and I realised it was that evening.
    Can you watch it on iplayer?

    • April 6, 2014 / 10:37 pm

      I'm not sure. Caught episode two tonight when we got in. I do like it. Read somewhere that Colin Dexter had put in his will that there would be no more adaptations after his death. Maybe because he thinks only those two actors can do Morse. Think he may be right.

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