To York… and don’t spare the horses.

You may or may not know (or care) that I live in the South West of England. We were, as you again may or may not know, hit by some extreme storms this winter. Consequently, the train line through to the South West (and yes, that is singular as in the ONLY train route through to two entire counties) was practically washed away. There are, as we speak. top people working on repairing said line but it isn’t done yet. There was some talk of building a second line because of the vulnerability of the (I’ll say it again) ONLY railway line but once people in parliament realised that they could still fly to their holiday homes in Cornwall via Newquay airport, all the urgency seemed to go out of everything. Call me cynical if you want to. I prefer to think of it as realistic.

Consequently, FOW1s route back home from York for Easter was fraught with danger and expense. Well expense anyway because for some reason, all the advance cheap train tickets have disappeared so that a £60 journey suddenly became a £140 journey (the extra excitement of getting off the train and transferring to a coach where the line is hanging over the sea by a thread is apparently thrown in for free). So, in an idle moment HOH and I, realising that we were both off work that weekend, offered to go and get FOW1 in the car. It should be easily done in one day. How hard could it be? These things I have learned…

  • When you say it quickly six hours there and six hours back doesn’t sound much does it? It is.
  • The motorways are always full of coneage and 50 mile speed limits even when THERE IS NO SIGN OF ANYONE DOING ANYTHING.
  • Just “calling in” at Ikea never only adds “about an hour” to the journey. Actually not complaining – love Ikea. If I was eight, I would be having frequent fantasies about living in Ikea. It that just me? Just thinking about secretly living there when everyone goes home? Cooking in the kitchen bit and sleeping in the bed bit – that kind of thing. No one else ever have that dream about department stores? Really? *Feels a bit odd and wishes she’d never mentioned anything*
  • Liza Tarbuck on Radio 2 is a comedy genius and I would like to be her best friend. This is not said in any kind of stalking way.
  • It is not easy to get HOH and FOW1 back into the car on the services car park when drunken football fans are weeing up lamposts on service station car parks right next to where I am standing. Husband and son were being gallant on my behalf but TBH I hadn’t noticed that these boys had got their bits out. (HOH has just vetoed my obvous next joke on grounds of good taste and Christian chasteness)

So all in all, an eventful day. Driving to York is something we will never do again  – at least until April when we are going for a short weekend away. Anyway,  I am pooped and am off for a glass of wine, and possibly a bit of Whimsey and Harriet.



  1. March 17, 2014 / 12:46 am

    Pack sandwiches and a blindfold. Sorted.
    Jane x

  2. March 17, 2014 / 9:38 am

    If you need to do this trip by car again, and want an overnight stop, just get in touch. We aren't halfway – but it would break your journey if you didn't want to do there and back in a day!

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