Visiting hospital with my mother. We go to the first consultation room and I wait outside. They call me in and say “All is well but she has to make an appointment in another department for the follow up. It’s on the other end of the hospital but easy enough. You ok with that?”

“Yup, I reply. We’ll take our time.”

We set off at a slow stroll.

Mother asks….

“Do you know where we are going.”
“Have you been there before?”
“How do you know where we are going then?”
“I am following the signs. It’s easy.”
“We’re going very slowly. Are you lost?”
“No. I didn’t want to rush you. Would you like to walk a bit faster?”
“Not really.”
“Well then.”
“It’s taking a long time.”
“She said it would.”
“I think we are lost.”
“We’re not”
“How do you know?”
“Because we are still following the signs.”
“I’m going to ask someone.”
“You don’t need to.”
“Your trouble is you will never open your mouth.”
“We are still following the signs.”
Loudly to man pushing stretcher trolley. 
“Excuse me love! We are lost. Can you tell me where this is?”

Puts letter under man’s nose. Over face of patient he is pushing. Slightly startled man confirms we are still going in right direction.

“This can’t be right.”
“It is.”
“I don’t think that man knew – not really.”
“Not far now.”
“I haven’t seen a sign for ages.”
“We just passed one.”
We turn right into reception of department. My mum greets receptionist.

“Sorry we are late. Think my daughter got us lost.”

I am quite tired.

Happy Mothers’ Day Mum



  1. April 1, 2014 / 2:48 pm

    My mother is 85. You have my sympathy. xx

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