I Hope We Are Worth It


I’m warning you now. This is a bit of an old farts rant. There are things that happen, more and more often these days, that tell me that I am old. A lot of these things involve gravity and various bits of my body which I will not horrify you with by going into any more detail. There is also the amount of time I send making tutting noises at the telly (which annoys everyone in the room but me apparently) and an inceasing fondness for the company of a Jack Russell, a blanket and a Barbara Pym novel. I was never what Eric Morecambe used to call “a raver” but I know that I am slowly but surely getting older and rattier.

This week, I have seen some journalism that I have filed in my “Really? Are you sure?” cabinet. British journalism is taking a bit of a beating at the moment what with the News of The World hacking trial and the pros and cons of partners of journalists being searched at airports – these are difficult times. Yet, worry not, all is saved – courtesy of the Daily Mail who proudly ran this headline in their Sidebar of Shame

Watch your step! Lauren Goodger narrowly avoids walking into a puddle during day out in Essex

Now I have to confess that I do have a fondness for a bit of sleb news (‘cept I don’t know who this is) I like to see a lady on a red carpet in a posh frock as much as the next person. Also who is stepping out with whom is still as facinating to me as it was at school. I like to imagine that this week in the Daily Mail newsroom there were a gang of hardened hacks placing bets on whether they could get away with this or not.

It’s just that, in a week where Ukranian people have died on the street to get a chance to choose their own destiny and that we hear that the destiny that they would prefer is to grow closer to the West, it all seems a bit depressing. I guess that having freedom also means having the freedom to be slight and trivial and silly. I get that. It’s just that it’s a woman – stepping sideways – in the rain. (Makes old lady sighing noise and retreats to kitchen to make a brew)



  1. February 23, 2014 / 10:53 am

    The standard of journalism has always been rather low, a glance back at the sheets of the 18th century shows that. The laughable part of it is when those same journalists throw their hands up in the air and talk about dumbing down. They are partly responsible for it.

  2. February 24, 2014 / 3:06 am

    Well said. I totally agree or perhaps and know I'm getting old too.

    X x

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