Hooray for Hollywood

Do you know, I disappoint myself sometimes. I love the cinema as you know. I love films. Yet, I sort of hope that being a grown up, I would be able to discern when Tinseltown was thinking it was above the rules and act accordingly. Unfortunately not.

I have been a fan of Woody Allen since the late seventies. More than a fan actually. Annie Hall and Stardust Memories would make it into my top ten of all time. However, this week Allen’s adopted daughter wrote an open letter to us all about the abuses she says she suffered at Allen’s hands. I don’t know if this is true or not. I know he denies it and I also know that we have to be careful about not believing the claims of some one who has been abused. What if his daughter was telling the truth? Then Hollywood decided that it wanted the films more than justice and closed ranks? Then idiots like me just took their word for it? It’s all a bit depressing as is my lack of a spine. I think that there will always be films that I love and some will be by Woody Allen. Still, a bit …you know…

Hollywood is full of donks – Part Two.

You may not have heard but  Joni Eareckson Tada was nominated for an Oscar for best original song this week If you didn’t hear, it may well be because the nomination has since been withdrawn. this was because 

Songwriter Bruce Broughton “had emailed [some of the other 239] members of the branch to make them aware of his submission during the nominations voting period,”

There is some talk around the fount of all integrity that is The Hollywood Oscar Publicity Machine, that Mr Broughton had used his position to try and influence Academy Members. HEAVEN FORBID. I mean it’s not as if studios ever put pressure on the academy or anything. They only spend around $100 million dollars on publicity etc trying to get wins. 

In case you don’t know who Mrs Tada is, she is an evangelical Christian with more integrity in her little finger than all these people. As a quadriplegic she struggles to sing and her husband had to put his knees on her chest to help her to reach the notes. I have heard the song and, tbh, it’s not really my cup of tea but people who know about these things say it is a good song and certainly no worse than that U2 thingy that will probably win it.

You know, we may not be shot through with tinsel and glamour here in Plymouth but sometimes I am quite glad I’m boring.


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