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In case you are bothered, these are my films of the year. Because I am bothered, there is a definite lack of films where women are wounded, tortured with pliers or generally terrorised for our entertainment. If that’s what floats your boat, you are in the wrong place. I don’t think it’s just my imagination that there is a lot more of this sort of stuff about so I am really chuffed when I find movies that try to do something a bit less stabby. Also, there are films that have been highly recommended that I haven’t seen yet but still hope to (Saving Mr Banks, Mud) or  ones that I have heard are excellent but I feel a bit old to go to (Warm Bodies, Catching Fire)So by no means an exhaustive list. Anyway, one or two films till we all get bored and go off and do something else. (Bit like Doctor Who)

Game changer. 3D and then some. Peril in space. Totally realistic (obvs no actual experience but judging by how scared I was…) Cloonster, Sandra, Best special effects EVER. That is all.

Tom Hanks, possibly his best ever performance. (“Big” not included obvs) So tense, un-named member of our party had to go to loo halfway through for tension wee. (No, not me actually) Paul Greengrass genius story of Somali pirates hijacking a ship had me chewing the seat in front. No appearance from Princess Anne but you can’t have everything.

Woody Allen good again. Cate Blanchette so brilliant I forgave her that stupid Armani advert. Interesting and smart, Alex Baldwin in it.  New York. And. just. funny. What do you want?

Bit obscure but worth seeking out. Delicious coming of age film. Sam Rockwell very funny. Steve Carrell very creepy. Nothing particularly revolutionary here but it is actually heartening and surely there’s nothing wrong with that is there?

Deceptively important. Nasty nuns. Man’s inhumanity to man laid bare, in the name of no religion I have ever known. Sensitively played by Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. Also noticeable that Philomena retained her faith and they were faithful to that. Two tissue movie.

If you didn’t like this-you are weird. “Bottom! Heh. Heh.”

Made me laugh a lot. “Cream of British Acting” behaving like alien invasions are something you can easily deal with, given enough pints of bitter.



  1. January 3, 2014 / 9:02 am

    I can't believe only seen one off your list. Note to self must see more films!

    Mind you the one I did see was Despicable me 2 and I laughed so much I cried.

    Happy New Year hun.

    X x

  2. January 5, 2014 / 12:30 pm

    Not seen any of these, but I am waiting for Gravity and DM2 to come out on DVD. Might give The World's End a look too.

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