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Usually, I don’t really speak on here about either the weather or politics. Mainly because the weather is boring (unless it is documented rather wonderfully on The Maple Syrup Mob ) I intend to break both of those rules in this blog. For a start, I am thinking about going out and finding some railings to lash my family to until this latest storm has passed. Plymouth is like a scene from Moby Dick. (Ok, no whale, I’ll give you that) Much hilarity ensued when the BBC sent an intrepid reporter from its slightly breezy capital city, to Plymouth Hoe to get the locals’ opinion. Locals, not being dimwits, had made themselves scarce and were holed up at home. Intrepid Reporter was left alone on seafront shouting into microphone and wondering if local lifeboat service would be able to find him when he was swept into the Sound. This weather is awful. It makes you think about those with nowhere to sleep tonight. I work on an office based on the ground floor of a local car park (Don’t ask) and as soon as we leave the rough sleepers move in for the night. We don’t mind as long as they don’t set fire to the place or draw felt tip diagrams of their er.. underpants’ departments on the wall. When too much loopy juice results in this kind of behaviour, we have to say non but otherwise we prefer to turn a blind eye.

On a slightly related note – politics. Usually I find that word as welcoming as the sentence uttered at the beginning of our Carol Service this week. “Tonight, we hope to be playing a few contemporary songs” Noooooooooo!
However, this is important. You may or may not know that Foodbanks were debated in our House of Commons this week. It didn’t go well. It seems that the Government is wary of being railroaded by groups with political agendas on this issue. Well first of all, you are politicians, I would have thought that political cut and thrust was easy peasy for you. Also, this is a big deal. People need these places to feed their children. In 20th Century Britain! Really! It isn’t the war you know. 

I am quite an old biddy and I have never seen anything like it in my time. I thought this kind of thing had passed – like Z Cars and rickets. I have no idea why the people in charge don’t feel the need to hang their heads in shame and I mean any political party. For more information, please refer to Jack Munro. She has known plenty of poverty in her time and is a tireless campaigner. 

It’s Christmas and for some people, all that means is a big shiny sign of how awful their life is. It does my head in because Christmas was meant to be the sign that it was time for things to change for the better – Jesus was here and the rescue plan had moved into gear. It is a bad sign for our society that for many people Christmas doesn’t mean very much at all.
If you can give to your local Foodbank or the Sally Army, please do so. They are packed to the drawstrings with Christians who are trying to make a difference. If you can’t give, you can pray. I’m no expert but I don’t think it’s supposed to be like this.
Wishing you a loving and peaceful Christmas xx



  1. December 24, 2013 / 1:23 am

    Chris used to live on Plymouth he wasn't homeless but he lived in one of those pretty places on the Esplanade. Rachel!! There is nowhere to tie yourselves to! Please send the water you don't need…we'd be very grateful and even give you cookies.
    Jane x

  2. Anonymous
    December 24, 2013 / 8:03 am

    Very true Lesley yesterday was our busiest ever. The reasons for sanctions are getting more bizzare every week. There must be a department somewhere dreaming them up. Have a great Christmas love to all .keep your blog coming xxx Pat

  3. December 27, 2013 / 4:09 pm

    Love your blog. This post speaks my mind. As for the one that had about Syria and the puppies – oh, some things are unbearable, aren't they. May 2014 be a good year for you and your family xxx

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