It has been a funny couple of weeks. Some sort of disk went on my laptop which has meant that it has been at the menders for a fortnight. Also, I have had a ten day headache/migraine thing going on so kept away from screens as much as possible. All well now – thanks for asking. Well, laptop still waiting for part but there you go. 

Can I just bang on a bit about these. You don’t have to take any notice if you don’t want to.

Firstly – inappropriate crush number 718. Francis Spufford and I haven’t even seen a photo of him!!! this book certainly isn’t for everyone and I’m not sure that it is even for Christians to be honest. Some of it I can’t make head nor tail of because it is quite clever but there is one chapter on Jesus that is probably the best chapter on Jesus I have ever, EVER read. It captures the essence and the impact of Jesus in a way that makes me want to be as much like him as I possibly can. (Which isn’t much I know) I have read it several times now and still find it amazing. (Please don’t read if you will be offended by the use of the f word. I think I was offended but I appreciated his honesty and openness more than I was offended and who was asking me anyway?)

Secondly, we rushed off to see the new Woody Allen so that we got a chance to see it before any more revelations came out about his “interesting” private life and people started throwing rocks at us in the queue. Blue Jasmine reminds me why I love Woody Allen. It is funny, sharp and witty. Everyone is brilliant but Ms Blanchett is absolutely amazeballs as the young people say. I think there is a lot of faff talked about actors but she is just fantastic in this. Proper good.

Lastly recommending something I haven’t read yet. The next Pen Wilcock monk book is out! Hurrah! Actually the series is called The Hawk and the Dove  and, having read the last six, unless there has been some sort of rip in the time-space continuum and life is not continuing as we understand it, then I can say with some certainty that this will be good. Am slightly worked up that William (inappropriate crush number 642) and Madeleine may not be living happily ever after but am prepared to try and cope. We must be brave.



    • October 23, 2013 / 8:13 pm

      Sadly, you are assuming that there are only 718

  1. October 22, 2013 / 5:27 pm

    Let me know how you get on – and – pretty please – I beseech a review on Amazon x

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