Eventful! Well no not really

A few things going on this week, nothing for you to lose sleep over but why would you? You hardly know me! The flowers in the photo were my brother’s favourite – yellow roses. (I know, I know he certainly was not afraid of a gay stereotype, bless him) It was three years since he died this week. Because my Mum lives here now and can’t go to the crem, I was trying to think of something memory thingy to do. I thought of taking some yellow roses to the beach and throwing them into the sea. Then I almost heard Dave’s voice saying “Have you gone mad? You look ridiculous!” So we shoved the roses into a vase, I made a chicken pie and we sat round and told funny Dave stories. Better way to remember for us I think. Thinking of you this week Liam. (Sorry if you are a fan of the old lobbing things into the sea method. I expect you have more natural dignity than I do)

Head of House has returned safely from dropping Fruit of Womb 1 back at York Uni. There was a small problem in that the hire car provided for the trip was not the roomy economy that he had ordered but a last minute replacement Mercedes. You may think this would be a “good thing” However, call me ungrateful but..

  1. HOH spent the whole weekend with his bottom tight with fear in case anything happened to the stupid thing.
  2. The usual £60 fuel cost jumped to £90. (Apparently, Mercedes owners don’t have to worry about trivial things like fuel consumption).
  3. When FOW1 goes back to uni he takes nearly every possession he owns. Try fitting a base guitar, large amp, clothes, tv, music system, sports equipment etc etc into the back of a poncy car whose seats don’t even go down!
  4. Apparently it flipped unbidden into cruise control. It can be quite scary to find yourself suddenly travelling at 80 mph with your foot OFF the accelerator.

This weekend was the 40th Anniversary of the first night Northern Soul Allnighter at Wigan Casino. I am writing this with HOH sat next to me threatening to “help” me with this bit so it may be cut short if I stop and hit him with the laptop. I have never been to Wigan Casino. Too young for one thing and probably not cool enough either. But, every Saturday night for three years from 1973 HOH would go and spread talcum powder on the floor of the casino (to aid slippage) and dance from midnight to 8am. It was a phenomenon among the young working class who liked their soul music with an edge. This week – The Culture Show had a terrific documentary about it. It is on the BBC I-player here but

only until Wednesday. 

Even though I am only the other half of a Casino veteran, I do love a lot of the music (not all of it – trust me) and can certainly see how it attracted such loyalty. The program is certainly worth a watch, especially for my kids who were struggling to believe that their aged parent was once a member of one of the coolest groups of people in the universe.!



  1. September 29, 2013 / 9:36 pm

    I'm sure your brother couldn't care less HOW you remember him, just that you do.
    Jane xx

  2. October 18, 2013 / 7:06 am

    So Dave died on the feast of All Angels. I'm glad you were there with your mum to remember him xx

  3. October 18, 2013 / 7:28 pm

    My granny always loved yellow roses and I remember her with them too. The photo is beautiful x

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