Trying hard not to keep trapping my head in the door…

It hasn’t been a bad few days. No one got stuck under anything heavy. No one got lost in the woods. There is actually only niggly things niggling I think. It hasn’t been a great time though. I have let worry get the better of me. I have allowed myself to get annoyed by things I cannot change. I have been disappointed in myself for allowing this to happen again. Because I know myself and when I allow worry to over take me, I become less faithful and when I trust God less I become

  • A bit toxic. I have less patience with people who need my patience. Then, because I have less patience and am snappish, I feel guilty and then I feel more toxic and so it goes on.
  • Shattered is what I become. Easy rhythms become hard and need effort. Plus I don’t sleep as well so I am genuinely pooped. 
  • Sad and fearful. Where is this Christianity stuff going? Is there a point to all this?
  • A nasty piece of work. People who are doing better than me begin to get on my nerves. People who aren’t better than me get on my nerves. No-one can win. Least of all God.

So it was good this morning to hear about Leah and Rachel in Genesis 29 and 30 and the problems that they caused for each other and also that things that happened to them seemingly through no fault of their own. It was good to hear that through the mess (and believe me I have no mess at all against what looks like an episode of The Sopranos here) that God was working through everything. He was listening and answering and the original promises had not budged one inch. I think it’s all good in the end.

    It was a case of Christ’s strength moving in on my weakness. Now I take limitations in stride, and with good cheer, these limitations that cut me down to size—abuse, accidents, opposition, bad breaks. I just let Christ take over! And so the weaker I get, the stronger I become.
    2 Corinthians 12:8-10  

Read this week. Pure. I found a recommendation for this on the Being Me blog which is jolly good so I hot footed it to the library and had to wait 3 weeks so that was a good sign. Anyway, it’s really different. It is about the clearing of an old graveyard in the middle of Paris just before the French Revolution but in some ways, that is incidental. It’s haunting and draws you in to a time and place even though you don’t understand it.Sometimes, when people say a book is well written, I am not always sure what they mean. I think I understand here. It’s not what you would call incident packed but I couldn’t leave it alone

Saw this week. Despicable Me 2. Just really funny. what do you want from me?

Technical stuff now. If you follow this on Google reader, it is a dead duck from tomorrow so you cain’t do it no more. this may be your opportunity to slip off un-noticed but if you want to stay – you can follow though Bloglovin – there is  a button on the right or via email. Or like me on Facebook. S’up to you really. would certainly appreciate it if you stayed. 

Anyway – wow, that was long this week. Am off to watch Mumfords at Glastonbury  Loved Chic the best so far. Rolling Stones never popular in this house because they apparently stole Stevie Wonder’s/Otis Redding’s/Bobby Womack’s careers. Don’t think it  helped me that someone on Twitter said that The Stones reminded them of the Wonga Advert. Ah well.


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