Haven’t read many blogs. and certainly haven’t been able to produce enough time to think about writing any. Parent’s move down south has taken all my time along with other stuff.   (Henceforth she shall be known as Bez – short for her name and Old Bessie – she doesn’t read this, you will be surprised to learn.) Four more weeks and she will be upon us.

This week I shall be mostly

  • Wrestling Plymouth City Council to the ground to get an answer about housing benefit for the Bez.
  • Preparing bedroom for return of FOW1 for the summer.
  • Writing strict meal plans for return of FOW1 for the summer.
  • Getting ready to explain to FOW1 that just because he is home and eating for free, that does not mean that all bets are off about limits on what can be consumed. E.g. we do not do Tuna and Pasta Bake for lunch for one person, unless it is leftovers. This is not the Middleton’s you know.
  • Emailing university about travel plans for FOW2’s trip to summer school. I will be accompanying her on the train whether I am welcome or not and I am decided in this. (P.S. Re FOW2’s summer plans. We have received a two page letter from her history teacher outlining – in great detail –  the revision she will have to do during the holidays. Why are you addressing this to me? First of all you are the teacher are you not? Teach her what you want her to be doing in the summer. Threaten if necessary – I find it helps. Also – she’s the one who wants to go to University – not me. She’s seventeen not seven.)
  • Racing to finish my Library Book (“Pure” since you ask – very good) so that I don’t have to pay a fine because some pushy person has put their name down on it and I can’t renew it.

And none of that includes work or cooking or cleaning or personal hygiene or dog walking or TV watching (though that has been curtailed because we updated our Virgin Box to a TIVO and with the old box went all the Father Browns I had been recording from the week before. Frustrating!)

Thanks to friends for taking pity and feeding us last night. Slightly pressured because she is a really good cook. She did a roast and tried to make me feel better by telling me that she had got the Yorkshires out of a packet. Effect slightly spoilt by finishing the meal with lovely lemon cheesecake made from scratch)

Now see what I have done. I nearly written a blog and I don’t have the time. Off to put chicken in for return from church this evening.

(Runs to kitchen in blind panic – checking clock as she goes)



  1. June 23, 2013 / 2:15 pm

    And I thought I was busy this week! I cooked the Sunday chicken yesterday. We had some last night, and some today. Sunday is too fraught for serious cooking x

    • June 24, 2013 / 7:55 pm

      It came as a revelation to me that church people had soup and sandwiches on Sunday. At least the sensible ones did

  2. June 24, 2013 / 8:14 pm

    Sunday crockpot and Aldi's frozen roasties! It's the way forward!

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