My Curious God

Please find pictured above a VERY small snippet of HOH’s music collection. All vinyl and Northern Soul Collections are kept where I can’t reach them after a rather nasty accusation of using a record as a Frisbee.  Please note that there are NO witnesses to this and no jury in the land would convict me.
Anyway, I am idly rooting through his CDs to put stuff on my MP3 without going through the bother of downloading which, I am sure,  is only slightly less complicated that splitting an atom. I came across the lovely Charlie Peacock.

In the 90s he was my Christian performer of choice with intelligent lyrics and lovely thoughts. One of my favourite songs is “What’s it like in your world?”
I tried really hard to find it on You Tube – but it has perhaps every song he has written apart from this one so I have reprinted the lyrics. If you are interested, you can download it. You could do a lot worse – it’s very 90s but vair good. Anyway, in the absence of the music, here are the lyrics

What’s it like in your world?
What makes you laugh?
What makes you cry?
Let me look into your soul, so I can see what the world looks like through your eyes.

You don’t have to ever pretend when you’re in my company,
You’ve got to know I will not turn and run from you if you practice honesty.

What’s it like in your…(what’s it like in your world?)
What’s it like in your world?
What’s it like in your…(what’s it like in your world?)
I want to know what’s going on,
I want to know what’s going on.

Do you have any expectations of yourself and the world in which you live?
If you had a chance to make some kind of difference, tell me now, what would you, what could you give?
Is there any hope you’ve set aside?
Any dreams yet to come true?
Well, tell me, tell me, tell me true,
Are there any longings, any passions that you’ve kept hidden from my view?

It is a mystery that the God who knows my thoughts and hopes and dreams is still genuinely curious about me. Remember in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve had done the deed with the apple. They then went on to show a spectacular lack of understanding about just how big God is by thinking that the most effective response would be to hide behind the nearest bush. (All the best with that one guys) God, being God and therefore knowing exactly where Adam is, still says

“Where are you?”

To me, I think that this is not about a physical absence, it’s about a relational one. When Adam takes himself out of the relationship by behaving like a numpty – God misses him.

I have said before that it is beyond my understanding that God is interested in a one to one relationship, where I am a proper person with him, not a lab experiment. Knowing myself as I know myself, that is both terrifying and a comfort.   As best I can, I am choosing to be comforted by it and be grateful about God’s curiosity about me.


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