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We are all buzzing around a bit today and I will struggle to get coherent thoughts (which I HAVE actually been thinking actually) to you, so would it be ok if I just threw a few random facts about life etc. at you? Please ‘scuse if a bit all over the place. I have one eye on the football. Love football even if, in the case of the FA Cup semi final, I am in the position of wanting both teams to lose. This, like so many things in my life, is bound to end in disappointment for me.

Spent most of yesterday schlepping round town trying to find work boots for FOW1 in case he drops precious ancient artifacts on his toe while he is archaeologically engaged at uni.

We are all out tonight at Bella Italia for tea because FOW1 is due back at uni before FOW2 has her birthday We have therefore declared a sort of rolling celebration starting today like Marie Antoinette would have had. Both FOWs are unhappy with me because I will be using money off vouchers but I feel the dosh is better off in my pocket than theirs, as they say up north.

Church this morning could be filed in the controversial draw. Pastor did Sodom and Gomorrah. He used the “Homosexual” word more than once. However, the whole thing was filled with grace and love. Only one person walked out but she was quite old and may have needed a wee or had a bus to catch so we possibly shouldn’t read too much into that.

As we are out tonight have set the video (am I the only person who still talks about “Taping Programmes”?) for Endeavour. I didn’t see the pilot but think it may be decent Sunday evening stuff and Roger Allam is in it and he is acey-pacey. Whatever it is like, it has to be an improvement on flippin’ Broadchurch. How long is it going to take to find out who did this? Is the idea to drag it out long enough for them all to die of old age and decay?

I have retreated away from the telly over the weekend as I am having to speed-read a library book because I have tried to extend my loan, only to find that someone has reserved it and it needs to be back sharpish – by Tuesday. I had never heard of Roger Mortimer. It is really interesting – if a bit gruesome. Quite difficult to speed read a history book. People keep running each other though and I keep losing track.

Can I just throw my two penneth in about Margaret Thatcher?
I have to put my cards on the table and tell you that my husband lost his job at British Aerospace because of Thatcherite policies so I am no friend of much of what she stood for. I would defend the right of anyone to not eulogise her and her public life. However, I would like to hope that we would show a bit of class and dip our heads and think of her family. Turning on a sixpence – as I do – In a time of austerity, doesn’t it seem to be an awful lot of money to spend? Couldn’t it have been a little more restrained and the 10 million pounds be put to better use? On a slightly different note – Love Divine, All Loves Excelling which is on the Order of Service is a beautiful hymn. 

Anyway, this is just a little treat for you to set you up for Monday morning. I know I complained about paps last week but look! It’s Sherlock and he’s only in a flamin’ deerstalker! Let joy be unconfined….



  1. April 14, 2013 / 9:51 pm

    We are about to start a sermon series on Sexuality. Will keep you posted on walkouts!
    Endeavour – good, we worked lots of the clues out tho.
    Broadchurch – I have to keep knitting, or I fall asleep, plot is Sooo slooow
    Mrs T. Out of respect, will not say what I feel.But I have always felt she was responsible for the girl in the benefits office who actually cried when she realised she could not help me.

    Mr Cumberbatch- Thank you, that picture has put a smile on my face!!

    have a good week

  2. April 15, 2013 / 12:21 am still my beating heart/brain.
    We had 'Love divine…' at our wedding…who knew?
    Jane x

  3. April 16, 2013 / 10:39 am

    Endeavour – ooh, it was GOOD!

    Margaret Thatcher – I am in the odd position of wholeheartedly agreeing with her when it comes to my own choices and conduct, but being in favour of "tempering the wind to the shorn lamb" when it comes to political policy. So I never voted for her, and still would not; but I think she has been demonised as unrealistically as Princess Diana was idealised.

    Sherlock – oh, pleeeease, oh sooooon!!!

    I am enjoying Broadchurch but agree that its elastic is somewhat perished.

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