Mothers Day

My Mothering Sunday 

Got up to Orchid and Walnut Whips on the kitchen table. Well chosen by Head of House after panicked phone call from Fruit of Womb 1.

Church. Genesis. Abram and Sarai – Abram settling for second best God says No – the original promise still holds. Don’t give up.

Stupid sniggering with Church Secretary who has almost had stand up row with Pastor after she said that Head of House’s name was Michael. She realised after quite long protracted discussion with Pastor that I had actually been saying “My Col” #northern

Return home to Sanctuary stuff and chocolate on kitchen table. Thanks to FOW 2. 

Had Walnut Whip and pork pie and onion chutney for lunch. (Not all on same plate)

Took snivelling apologetic phone call from FOW 1. Tries to pretend that he forgot because of heavy archaeological workload rather than playing in Battle of the Bands. Insist that he phones Nana before she goes out for lunch with her sister. 

Watch FA Cup football. Man U let comfortable two goal lead slip. Wish I had gone with original instinct to watch High Society.

FOW 1 phones. Has spoken to Nana. She is back from sister’s and is over cheerful. Tells FOW1 she has had a couple of brandies. Expect she will sleep tonight. 

FOW2 comes back from coffee with friends. We watch Crufts together. Are reduced to hysterical sobs over story of little boy with muscle wasting disease and his dog with three legs. 

Watch Shetland. Have no idea what anyone is saying. It looks very cold.

So there you are. It’s nothing like the telly Mother’s Day. I expect most people’s are a bit like this. It’s family stuff. Real family stuff and I am grateful for every second of it.



  1. March 11, 2013 / 5:24 am

    Sounds like an overall good day. Glad to hear that wasn't all on the same plate and eaten in that order. lol

    X x

  2. March 11, 2013 / 12:43 pm

    Oh but the KNITWEAR in Shetland was delightful. I was utterly distracted by the cables and Fair Isles and Fisherman's Rib. I think they shot Grannie just to get at her Patons and Baldwin Vintage WW2 Paton Book. Try putting the subtitles on tonight

    blessings xx

    • March 12, 2013 / 9:32 am

      Some of the nurses on my husband's ward have been using subtitles. I watched the second episode last night and enjoyed it more. Think I must have been getting into the swing of it.

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