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Re watching Mama Mia for umpteenth time with FOW2. So rubbish but so brilliant.  FOW2 has informed me that she is insisting that she has a donkey at her wedding. I have said that that would be OK so long as I get to stop off on the way to the church and belt out “The Winner Takes It All”. Not sure how well that would go down in the middle of Plymouth but if it’s good enough for Meryl, it’s good enough for me.

Top moments also include

Julie Walters in full on Mrs Overall mode (and a bit of my Aunty Audrey)  doing “Take a Chance On Me.”

Colin Firth playing the world’s most unconvincing gay man (but at least he is a bit more cheerful than he was in “A Single Man.”)

Pierce Brosnan cheerfully murdering any song he comes near. But he does it with so much gusto it’s irrelevant to be frank.

“Slipping Through My Fingers” making me cry.

Meryl looking suspiciously lairy as she bellows “Do You Want Another One?” at the screen after the last song.

I feel we may have peaked televisually this evening.


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  1. February 16, 2013 / 11:25 pm

    This was one of our church's family night movies.
    Not too many of the older folk 'got it'…but many of us were singing along…we sat at the back so we could dance too. At "do you want another one?",our vicar led the yes,yes,yes chant.
    Jane x

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