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This was the year that HOH and I kind of split on our TV preferences. I am not sure if it is my age, the menopause or failing eyesight but I find that am unable to cope with any screen violence these days. I have never been very good at it. I barely made it all the way through Goodfellas without throwing up but I have become even more weak and feeble in this area. This means that it is HOH who is the cool and funky one when it comes to TV. If he were writing this blog he would recommend Homeland 2, The Fear, The Killing 3 and The Bridge. All critically acclaimed, all beloved of Guardian readers and all full of people getting stabbed in the eye.
We did agree on a few things. We both initially liked Borgen – the politics were interesting I thought. I lost it a bit when I found that I was already writing it in my head before I saw it. (Successful happily married lady politician, has to make bad integrity choices, husband feels threatened, plays away from home, children start wetting the bed, etc etc) Will probably come back for Season 2 though.
The Thick Of It finished. You cannot watch this with your maiden aunt but Malcolm Tucker is a genius creation and no modern politician could feel safe in their ridiculous spin while these script writers were around. Malcolm, I will miss you.
2012 was also unmissable. Only slightly undermined by the real Olympics being run very well indeed. Jessica Hynes created a PR monster who managed that rarest of things – giving us sentences that are still being used in day to day conversation. “like, totally, so here’s the thing” No? Just us then.
Parade’s End was lovely to look at and to listen to. It wasn’t the easiest follow but I loved the density of it. I loved not being treated like an idiot for once. Cumberbatch was ace but Rebecca Hall was outstanding. Also loved The Hollow Crown. Lots of Shakespearey stuff surrounding it was great as well. You really could just sit and watch it, as a rattling good set of stories, a drama and it was gripping. Ben Whishaw, playing Richard the Second as Michael Jackson was excellent but I don’t think there was a duff performance in any of it.
I enjoyed The Hour 2 more than the first one because I got the hang of it a bit more. I prefer it to Mad Men because at least SOMETHING HAPPENS now and again.
Kind of lost Doctor Who but came back for the demise of Rory and Amy which was done really well and made me sniffle. Sherlock. I know. I know. But it is extraordinary. The writing, the design, the music. It makes you go No! Really? and makes me want to sit and hug myself at the sheer inventiveness of it all.
My main TV highlight though was a one off. The Olympic Opening Ceremony was truly a thing of awe. From the sloe eyed Cumberbach looking at camera and growling – “Let the Games Begin” through to the panning back to reveal the amazing fireworks. The whole thing was amazeballs. Even nasty pieces of work like me did smug little jigs in the living room singing the highly catchy “We have the NHS. Thank you Lord for living in a place where health care is free at the point of delivery.” and ” My country is ace. We are a bit frayed round the edges but we are blessed.”
I expect I have missed a lot out. As you can see, I don’t follow any soaps so apologies if I have missed something important there. (Have just realised – didn’t include Bake Off or Strictly – sorry – loved them both) Am off now – next – my year in film. (Sound like Barry Norman)



  1. December 29, 2012 / 5:32 pm

    Yes to almost all of those – but you didn't mention Montelbano. All that Sicilian sunshine and gorgeous food – an essential antidote to the cold Scandi-murders. ['scandi' is THE adjective du jour, apparently]
    Also I have developed a Pointless Addiction. sorry.

    Death of our recording device, and gift of ancient replacement [only works 50% of time] from my bro means my TV will be curtailed in 2013. Good thing, probably!

    new year blessings xxx

  2. December 29, 2012 / 9:53 pm

    Have never seen Montelbano but certainly agree about Pointless. Also love the way the celebrity version is called "Pointless Celebrities." Quite.

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