Half Term Havoc

It’s half term. That’s lovely isn’t it? I know things are easier for us now that we only have a sixteen year old to think about so we don’t have to organise childcare or anything so I don’t want to complain BUT because it’s half term

  •  It is apparently time to bake so I now have no icing sugar or jam. Apparently it took over an hour to clean up and the dogs keep licking the kitchen floor so who knows what went on there? The cakes are lovely though.
  • My laptop screensaver has “accidentally” been changed to a baby sloth asleep on a teddy bear. 
  • We are apparently expected to provide money for gossipy lunches. I do not have time for lunch.
  • I am missing several DVDs. It will not take Sherlock Cumberbatch to trace them to FOW 2s bedroom.

Thank you God for my astonishing daughter…


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