A Week

Really busy week. Work – blah. Cracked Tooth – blah. Dentist – blah. Lots to say and hope the blog isn’t too long. It occurs to me that I might make this a bit easier by blogging a bit more often but don’t want to overstay my welcome so will think about it. We all survived the Prom. The weather was awful which didn’t help the balcony shot at FOW2’s friend’s house.

They spent a lovely day hot-tubbing (is that a word?) and being pampered. Then all the mums arrived and made their lives a misery for an hour by fussing and panicking. Some mums were a bit uber-organised which made me feel like a bad mother (again) because I just sort of turned up, gave her a kiss and said “have a good time” and “be careful with that dress because I’m going to Ebay it” She looked beautiful and grown up which was both lovely and a bit sad if you know what I mean.
Head of House and FOW 1 spent the weekend in York sorting out move to student house for next university year. Did I mention that he had changed his course from Politics to Archaeology?  Can’t remember. Lots of reasons. Boring, Very disillusioned with the kind of people who did a politics course (some of them anyway) and also because, as his new Archaeology teacher said “I have no idea why you ever opted for Politics. You have stellar marks in History. whatever possessed you?” He wanted to make a difference I think but has decided that Politics is not the way to do it.
Just as an aside and in a non party political way. The only politicky person he saw that he at all impressed by (and he saw quite a few) was David Milliband. He was the one politician who, when asked a question that he didn’t know the answer to replied, “I don’t know the answer to that but I will try and find out for you.” No ballooning. Just an honest answer. Something to be learnt there maybe?
Anyway, as I was saying,  family males were away for the weekend so I was in charge and people were panicking on Spotlight News because of the weather forecast. Floods everywhere apparently. Danger of Death. First time ever that Devon had a “RED” weather alert. They were so worked up that it knocked the story of “Extra Large Flower Grows in Salcombe” off the top of the news. Then FOW2 went down with a bad cold so she was going to be no help. Couldn’t sleep on Saturday morning because I was so busy listening for the Four Weathermen of the Apocalypse coming galloping up Glyn Road. How was I going to get Morecambe into a helicopter when we were winched to safety without him biting Prince William?
Found myself watching some Christian TV. Spent twenty minutes being begged for money then watching some young people with interesting hair doing worship. At one point they appeared to be shaking their fists at me. Oh Yeah? Well come and have a go then!
I luuurve Young People. I live with two of them and because of that I am running into lots of them all the time. (For some reason nearly all of them tell my kids – “I love your Mum – she is so funny and Northern!”. Why does no-one ever say “She’s so deep and spiritual” or “She reminds me so much of Nigella Lawson”? Answer to that obvious I suppose.) All young people are a bit annoying obviously but I think they deserve better than this one size fits all approach. It reminded me why I hardly ever bother with this kind of stuff. I’m not alone apparently. It’s a shame because I know there is good stuff on there – I see preachers’ names and I know they will be good. It’s just that there is so much same old – same old. For me anyway. I do not claim to be the fount of all media knowledge.
So I found this channel which was running a sort of docudrama of the time just after Jesus’ resurrection. I don’t even think it was overtly Christian because it kept going on about a “vision” of Jesus doing this and a “vision” of Jesus appearing here. It really hit home for me in a few ways though. The thing is, I have spent so much time rattling on about nothing in particular that I don’t really have time to write about it. So, I will probably do another post tomorrow. Please call back if you can. have just realised that this is 100th post. Sorry it is not more epic. Must be more disciplined. Must not witter.



  1. July 8, 2012 / 1:15 pm

    I don't mind wittering…tittering…but I draw the line at littering.
    Jane x
    PS Visits to the dentist SUCK!

  2. July 8, 2012 / 5:56 pm

    From one funny Northern lass to another … get your teeth into this teaching. http://www.barrattministries.org.uk/ Can heartily recommend his Sermon on the Mount series. Also does a live broadcast every tues at 8pm … just click on JTV.

  3. July 9, 2012 / 10:01 am

    'They were so worked up that it knocked the story of "Extra Large Flower Grows in Salcombe" off the top of the news'

    'the Four Weathermen of the Apocalypse'

    Brilliant lines. You should use them in your writing.

    (congrats on 100 posts)

    • July 9, 2012 / 1:06 pm

      Thank you. Very encouraging. Especially from a writer! I am tentatively looking to move on a little into "proper" writing.

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