Oh it’s a jolly ‘oliday with Martha

I have had a week off. Well ten days really if you include the Easter break. It has been lovely. Of course the weather broke down the day before I finished but that was fine – I expected that. Good weather had not been in my plans. For I have been PRODUCTIVE. (For at least some of the time.) Now productive is as productive does as people almost never say and one person’s productive is another person’s lazing around doing nothing. However, in the interests of scientific research, I shall list the highlights of my week and leave you to make up your own minds as to whether it was productive or not..
1. I have cleaned the rugs. This involved dragging an industrial cleaner, the size of a small trailer home from Morrisons to use for a day. The instructions were about the same level of complication as those needed to launch a missile but I bravely fought my way through. You should have seen the colour of the water! I’m surprised Health and Safety haven’t been round to close us down. I blame the dogs. Anyway – you could eat off these rugs now – if you wanted to.
2. I have cleaned out the pantry. Well I say pantry. Nigella has nothing to fear. It’s a cupboard under the stairs. All the redcurrant jelly and other Christmas detritus has bitten the dust. (Actually not as much this year as I was quite organised. Most of the waste came from relatives giving me stuff we wouldn’t use. Biscuits for Cheese anyone?) I hate uncooked cheese (it’s like yoghurt – its milk that’s gone off) There is a limit to how much crunching up of biscuits to use as breadcrumbs I can do so the box has gone. Sorry all frugalistas.
I have put all my tins in order. So I know what I have and don’t get caught buying another four pack of tuna. Look – it never goes off!
3. I have cleaned out my wardrobes. (Do you see a pattern emerging? You may well be asking – how filthy is this place – it needs a lot of cleaning) But my wardrobe wasn’t dirty. Just full of stuff. I have removed all unwanted stuff about five yards to my “Car Boot Pile”. Head of House is threatening mutiny unless I get rid within the next week. Pah!
4. I have sorted all bills etc. into new filing cabinet. Thus reducing need to go crawling under the bed to retrieve cardboard box full of bills when trying to check how much money South West Water are fleecing us for this year. On a side note. You may not realise that water bills are astronomical here in the South West of England. This, apparently, is because we have such lovely coastline here and we need to pay huge sums of money to keep it like that. Think of that next time you visit Devon and Cornwall. You won’t see me. I’m too busy working to pay the water bill to get to the beach.
5. I have finished a chapter of what I laughingly call “My Book”
6. I have been to see “The King and I” with a chum. I think we brought the average age of the audience down by about 20 years but the songs are so lovely. As I have said before – a little confused by the King of Siam appearing to father so many blond children with Devon accents, however, this did not detract from a good night out.
7. I have gained a very high skill level on Solitaire Blitz. This has come through lots of practice. Unfortunately, the practice was done when I was supposed to be working on point 5.
8. Have taken offspring on tour of house to introduce new tidiness regime. When you were little, did you ever shout into a bucket and hear your voice echoing back to you from the empty void? It was a bit like that.
9. Have tried to watch DVD of “Tinker Tailor” with commentary. Unfortunately my grasp of the remote control is not what it was and only succeeded in putting the subtitles on. Had to settle for watching back to back Horrible Histories instead. Complete genius. Am working on learning lyrics to theme song.
10. Have had top notch evening with cinema, chippy tea (chips and gravy for me) and white wine. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Anyway, back to work Monday, if I can fit it in. Have a great week.


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  1. April 20, 2012 / 9:19 pm

    Love point 8! I know the feeling! AND I'm home educating … *sigh*

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