Easter (With Spoilers)

So sorry this is late. Easter weekend you know. Eggs to buy (How much? You are joking?) Rocky Road to make. Tablecloths to find and try and get clean. Lamb to roast. You get the idea. This year has been a bit different. For several mixed up reasons I have spent my first Easter Sunday for many a year not making it to church. (Please don’t send the Christian Police round. The reasons are legit, if a bit annoying)
I’m not usually too bothered about missing Sundays. Having worked in a church and therefore having to serve people who felt that if the door was open, I should be there, I find the odd missed Sunday is a blessing. Didn’t like not being there on Easter Sunday though.
So took the dogs and went down the park. It was quiet believe it or not and quite warm. Just tried to think what it must have been like that first morning – when everything was starting again. That morning when all there was to see was an empty grave and a set of clean crisp grave clothes. On a day to day basis we (well by “we” I usually mean me) get so caught up in living on a day to day basis, but it repays us well to muse on the miraculous. It takes a leap to think about about a dead man coming to life. I think it helps if you believe that he is the Son of God. Makes that leap a bit easier.
On Good Friday I saw a tweet saying  “RIP Jesus Christ” is trending (Shush) Nobody spoiler bomb this for these people. I think it was meant to be heavy with irony but we haven’t had irony in the South West since 1962 so I liked it. Because he wasn’t resting in peace – he was on his way back. To stand in the gap. So we had a man speaking for us in the heavenlies. You know, no-one ever did something like that for me before. Either Jesus is amazing or I am quite something myself. Or both. Maybe.
While we are musing on death as you do I found this. Food for thought here. If the gift of life has been given to us. How do we use it? Maybe we ask could ask someone for whom the gift is ending.
Lastly, am writing this while Head of House is in front room listening to Gladys Knight on telly singing “Every Beat of My Heart” first recorded in 1961. Disturbingly he is loudly informing Fruit of Womb Two that you could – direct quote – “build a piggin’ church round this”. This is not theologically sound doctrine obvs but despite that am sure he loves God, God loves him and he makes me very happy, therefore we shall let him off, this time.


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  1. April 11, 2012 / 6:35 pm

    Thanks for comment on my blog! trying hard to sign up as one of your followers but laptop wont let me – will try again when home from holiday.

    Blessings xx

    ps my sympathies re Prom Night

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