Always There

You might find this hard to believe but I usually have a plan when I sit down to write this. Something has usually occurred in my hum drum existence, which I make a note of so that it doesn’t flit out of my full-up brain. Then, over the weekend I sit down and produce this masterpiece.
Thing is, this week, I open laptop. Wait 20 minutes for it to warm up. (Old laptop – I’m used to it. I usually read a magazine until it summons enough strength to connect to the Internet.) Then I open the notebook and…nothing. There is nothing to report. A big fat zero written there.
Arrrrgh. My life is empty. I have nothing to report. I am a spent force. You may as well go back to your homes – there is nothing to see here…. except.
I have been really busy this week. I spect you have been the same. Nearly all of it has been legitimate. Work has been a bit overwhelming.. I actually did a bit of it out of work time which is usually against my religion but needs must.
I have been to the pictures twice this week which may seem a bit Wallis Simpson of me but once was with Fruit of Womb and could come under banner of connecting with my child (See – I am a “Good Mother”) Second time was with Head of House and can therefore be justified under category of “Keeping Romance Alive in Marriage.” (that would have been more successful if he hadn’t refused to buy me some Revels.)
I have also been writing outside of the blog – thinking about producing something a bit more permanent. Calling it a book might be a bit over the top I feel at this point but I have been putting some time in on it. Also one night devoted to open fire, chocolate ice-cream and “Singing in the Rain” DVD. (This comes tagged under “Family Time” or “Counting your Blessings when its so cold outside” or less edifyingly “Pigging Out.”)
Then there are the things that technically don’t take time but they make you go “erm” and they take your attention.

  • Picture of Fruit of Womb One in York in snow wearing Muse T shirt and no coat! Facebook is a blessing and a curse I think. 
  • Leaving mobile under seat in cinema. Having to retrieve it from young incredulous cinema person who was unimpressed with my description of it as “A Black Blackberry.”
  • No Sunday Times because it’s snowing in London and that obviously means all civilisation elsewhere has to stop. Its been quite sunny here actually. Sorry.

All this together with dog walking (now have to go long way home after unfortunate incident with paper boy. No idea what he had done to make Lucy take against him), cooking, long phone calls, catching up on Borgen has meant that the week has just gone. Just blinked and that was it.
The really great thing to say about this week is that despite it going past in a blur, I am still as loved and secure in God as I was when the week started. Because, I ain’t earning it. It’s Grace. Now I know as much as the next Christian worrier that it’s not an ideal situation. I know that a good relationship has to be worked at and also that I’m the one missing out if I don’t. But, when situations temporarily hinder us or life seems to be all scrunched up and happening at once, the Rock on which all my hopes are founded hasn’t moved an inch. The older I get and the more mistakes I make, the more grateful I am for the Unchanging Nature. It makes one side of my mouth curl up in a little bit of a grateful smile and that has to be a good thing.

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