Accepting your value

I need a book – a book about birdsong. (Number 7 on the list of sentences I thought I would never write) You see most mornings I walk Fruit of Womb 2 through to the bus stop with the hounds and then walk back through the park.  It’s been quite dark for the last couple of months. (Well pitch black actually. Found myself wondering how dumb I was walking through park at this time and if two Jack Russells would be enough to ward off your average serial killer) However as the mornings have been getting a bit lighter I have found myself captivated by early morning birdsong. (Number 8 on above list. This is definitely old age) I don’t know anything about birds but I can hear how different they all sound.  The only one I recognise really is the robin which is very feisty and sings so loudly at us I keep expecting it to explode like the bird from Shreck. Other than that there are lots of shapes and sizes and various noises which I am struggling to match up to the birdies themselves. I would love to know about them. I’m not really a bird person as you can probably see.
I saw something once that said that most people’s favourite bird was a penguin. Well obviously.

New life’s ambition – to tickle a baby penguin. So penguins are top bird but they are not the only bird. Imagine if there were no other birds but penguins. How big would your bird table have to be? And your garden would smell of fish because that’s what you would have to hang out for them in the winter. And what if your Nana still wanted to keep a birdy in the living room? How bad tempered would her penguin be having been stuffed into that little cage? Of course, penguins don’t fly so if they still went south in the winter, would we have to charter special boats for them? Lets not even start on the problems they would have filling in for chickens.
Diversity is the key. The Biblical model of a body made up of many parts is a perfect picture of this. This works itself practically in two ways. Firstly, you are very valuable. No-one brings to this party what you do. You are a beautifully crafted, precious individual. Each one of us needs to get hold of that, accept it and lift your delicious Christian chin a little. Secondly, if only you can do what you can do and you are not doing it then it’s not being done. (keep up at the back) Are we doing the things only we can do in our churches, our families – just our lives really? If something isn’t working properly, is it because I’m not pulling my weight? We have to get hold of both sides of this. I am indeed a special individual but with that comes things that will not get done properly unless I get involved. Someone else might have a go at it but they may not be able to bring to the task what I could have brought and it also stops them doing what they are supposed to be doing. We all have an individual part to play. To quote an old Bolton proverb (sort of) “When the penguins are laying eggs in the chicken coop who will be starring in the David Attenborough documentaries?” And I think we can all relate to that.

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  1. January 30, 2012 / 7:16 am

    I love early morning birdsong too, but it has never occurred to me before how diverse it is. It's so true that we need to pitch in and pull our weight, since we all have gifts that God has given us and we are supposed to use them. I think also we can get discouraged if there's lots of other people that do what we do, but if God has gifted us for that and called us to do it then we shouldn't worry about it but get on with it! Thank you for those thoughts 🙂

  2. January 30, 2012 / 8:26 pm

    Very smart post! I love a good point made wittily. Looking forward to reading more!

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