Big Ones, Small Ones…

…some as big as yer ‘ead!

It’s October and that means it’s Spider City in our back garden. I think it’s the combination of a mild climate, lots of shrubs to spin webs off and that fact that all spiders have a contract out on my life. You can go on as long as you like about how wonderful they are and how many flies they eat and that they are a great part of God’s creation-yeh right. Just imagine one on your face sucking the blood out of your eyes. That’s what I think they secretly all want to do and you can’t prove otherwise can you? Thought not. Just in case there are any spiders reading this. When it gets a bit colder and you are considering moving indoors – remember there is an hysterical woman in here with a rolled up newspaper. You may want to consider next door instead.

It’s been a busy week with more to come next week so everything is a bit random again. Have just bought fitted sheets for eldest son’s university bed only to receive an email telling me he had been allocated a 6′ 3″ bed. Hurrah!! I keep thinking of things he will need or might need or probably won’t need but maybe should take anyway. (He thinks an iron comes into the last category)

Been out and about quite a lot for me. Last weekend we went to see “Earthquakes in London”. We felt it was important to support the National as they were visiting Plymouth  – oh and we had free tickets. I have to tell you though – absolutely no idea. Could not fathom what was going on. We tried really hard because we were with people who get theatre and have professional involvement in the arts but really. I was completely lost. Something to do with the environment and a hospital in heaven I think and the Government and then an annoying girl got her ning-nangs out for no discernible reason as far as I could see. Then everybody on stage danced to Coldplay – which was nice. That was it really. Then we all went back to our friends for a nice cup of tea and pizza. I don’t like pizza so I had a box of chocolates. That was my favourite bit.

Also went to see “Tinker Tailor” at the cinema. Absolutely outstanding. really. I held off seeing it because I loved the TV series so much and I had read the book and didn’t quite know what else could be done with it. It was excellent though. Gary Oldman is a real screen presence. It’s a bit more brutal than the TV series and a bit gayer. Otherwise, I felt that all the original intrigue was in place. Excellent. Am going back with Fruit of Womb Two next week. I know she only wants to see Benedict Cumberbatch as a bottle blond again which is fine by me but I would just like to have another look at the stuff I missed. Am I the only saddo who does this?

Also out at Church Communications Team meeting. (You are lucky I found time to fit you in) All I’ll say is that even after thirty years of Christianity, the way Christians seem to enjoy jumping on people’s heads when they are only doing their best still makes me catch my breath. You know the kind of thing. Someone designs something (Not me I hasten to add – NOT a strong point) Someone doesn’t like it. Perfectly fine – everyone is entitled to their opinion. Then though, they carry on moaning and whinging like someone has removed John’s Gospel! Important things are happening you know. Really, you can move on from this. Before we all die of boredom. Rant over. Thank you. (I can now hear God saying in my head “And of course-you are a model of patience when YOU don’t like something” – but I’m ignoring him. I know he loves me really)

 Have also found time in the last couple of weeks to master Skype. Well I say “master” – I had to be talked through it like a child by a tech savvy friend. Still I am now confident that I can stalk eldest Fruit Of Womb when he goes away.

So that’s it for this week. Have to go. We have things to plan. Do you think he will need a sieve? What about a grater? If you enjoyed any of this drivel, please comment and let me know. On a serious note. Remember that no crisis is so bad that you don’t have time for a rousing chorus of Flag Hippo!!!!!! Take it away Tim!


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