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…but not quite. Am in the middle of lovely holiday thingy so will return with full update soon. However, in the light of recent events, I just wanted to share this with you.
Over the last few days I have watched events that have made me want to hang my head in shame – just as a member of the human race. To rob a man you were pretending to help, to drive a car deliberately to maim or to kill or just to have such a lack of connection to your local community that a local hairdresser is “rich” and therefore fair game – these are the things that have left a sense of hopelessness I think. I am sure that the whole thing is very complicated with many different layers and that the truth behind recent events takes a little bit from all the causes people have spoken about – hopelessness, disconnection, lack of parental authority, sense of entitlement, lack of moral direction, greed.
However, I just wanted to show you this. Last week we visited Westminster Hall. It’s a 1000 year old building that has seen so many great (in the widest sense of the word) moments. It’s the place where Charles the First was tried, where Winston Churchill lay in state and where Nelson Mandela addressed both political houses. It’s also the site of Andy Hawthorne’s recent keynote address at an MP’s prayer breakfast. If you have despaired about the way forward and wondered if there is hope – look at this. It’s inspiring and challenging. As usual, he is pin sharp and practical down to his finger nails. Watch and be encouraged and do something.

(Photo source BBC News)


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