‘Tis only for a short while…

But I’m probably going to take a bit of  a break because I’m on my jolly holidays for a couple of weeks and have decided to keep deep thinking to a minimum for a bit. Am thinking of reading myself into a frenzy or getting myself super organised with the extra time. Or I may just lie down for a while. We are off to get our fix of the big city as well with a visit to London. (Cue long arguments about galleries versus other “less boring” forms of entertainment)
The weekend so far hasn’t gone that well to be brutally honest – have managed to get sunburned which is against my religion and for goodness sake, it should be something I am mature enough to avoid at my time of life.
While we are away eldest Fruit of Womb turns eighteen. Was thinking how proud I am of him. (Proud in a good way not in a I’m prouder than a god and intend to take over the world – not that kind of thing obviously) No I was thinking about how clever he is and how hard he has worked. Also, its funny to see how different your children are to you and yet its still good. I see the way he has worked out his Christianity in a different way to us – his is shot through with social justice in a way that wouldn’t have been encouraged when I was young (too worldly) and because of this, I think his generation may achieve more for God than other generations. He’s also smart and funny and reminds me of his Dad and that is a very very “good thing”. I expect we will hardly miss him at all when he leaves.
Speaking of achievements – John Stott passed away this week. To many he was the father of modern evangelism – a title he didn’t seek just lived up to. Makes you feel you are playing at it. Even the Guardian gave him a good obit and its not a newspaper known for its pro-Christian opinions.
Just wanted to say thank you for those of you kind enough to comment on Facebook and here on the blog. You have no idea how encouraging it is.
So that’s it for now. Don’t forget me – I shall be back to pester you but until then – Hit it Cliff!
“We’re all going on a…..”


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