Recognising Your Joy Bits

I have to start this with an apology. I have had a week and a half. Nothing exciting – only work etc. Usually, I sit down with what I want to say on the blog and think about it and craft it into the finished product. (this may come a surprise to you but it is true.) So, if you will forgive me, this is a bit different this week. Like I said, a busy if mundane week and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and then remembered the things I had written about gratitude. But gratitude is really difficult if you don’t think you have anything to be grateful for and, I have to be honest, I’m not as good as I should be at summoning gratitude for the health of my nearest and dearest and the fact that I have a job and can eat etc. So I have looked at this average week and highlighted some of the bits of it that brought me joy, even though I may not have recognised it at the time.

In no particular order..

  • Saturday afternoon. One sprog camping overnight in Cornwall. One in town looking at shoes. Just me, the Women’s Wimbledon Final, and a Magnum I had hidden at the back of the freezer.

Friday. Head of House, me, bottle of red wine taken in the grounds of Hargreaves Towers in the early evening.

  • Friday afternoon around three pm. Realisation dawns that its nearly done for the week and a couple of days off is moving into view.

  • Saturday night. All week I have been telling myself to try that dress on because I haven’t worn it for ages and I don’t want to be on the last minute because I know we have to be at the ‘do’ at 8pm and I also know that I don’t have a Plan B as far as clothes for the evening go. But I never did try that dress on and now its 7:45, I am late as usual and I step into the dress in a state of dread and….it zips up perfectly!

A line of whites.

  • Sunday morning. The pastor says “and now the children and young people are going to leave us” and as I watch them file out, laughing, chatting and holding hands (mainly the girls that one), I am struck by two things. How glad I am that I am not a youth leader anymore and how brilliant it is to watch these amazing young people in here on a Sunday Morning.

  • Most nights of the week. Two adults. Two teens. Around the tea table. Laughing, sharing the day’s events and interesting if sometimes combative  (from Sprog One) conversation.

  • One beach. Two Jacks. Half a dead seagull. Let joy be unconfined!

Does it really get any better than the Charlie Brown clan dancing to Sly and the Family Stone?

And I find to my surprise that I could go on. Try it for yourself. (well you can if you want to) you don’t have to obviously. You may have had a better week than me!


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