Gratitude 2 – The Revenge

Well its part two of gratitude and this was the only sequel title I could think of. So having decided that gratitude is a good thing, then what?
Like most things that are good for you (Healthy eating, exercise, loving relationships, watching Doctor Who) it doesn’t just happen. A certain amount of  organisation, discipline and just basically getting off your backside is necessary. Thought I might suggest some practical helps, whether you asked for it or not but when has that ever stopped me?
When my friend Emma ran a pre school at the church I worked in she would say to the children that a verb is a DOING word. (Quite loudly actually) and gratitude is a DOING word in much the same way.
1. I would always recommend a journal. If you are an international technical expert with decently plucked eyebrows and a designer handbag you might want to use your mobile. But for me, by the time I have worked out how to actually put the info into the phone, I have usually forgotten the thought. I personally prefer a notebook. It doesn’t have to be lovely, although that helps some people. The advantage that paper has is that there’s something about writing that holds a memory the way nothing else can. I also stick bit and pieces in there – yep with glue. Then write a list. Prayers, thoughts and against that, all the things you are grateful for now. Go back to the list, see what was answered, say thanks.
2. Say thanks to other people. Slam them an email, go up to them after church or whenever, give them a call or send them a card. Cards are good. People get them in the post along with all the dross. They keep them in their undies draw and come across them when they need encouragement. I find that I have to say to my kids “This is a pen and when you drag it across a piece of paper, it makes a mark. We call this writing.” Email is better than nothing and sometimes its the only contact you may have but more personal things are better still.
3. It’s not all about you. Don’t just say thanks to people who do nice stuff for you. In your church, people are working like Trojans to keep the place on track. Think about noticing that. If a shop assistant is nice to you. Be nice back.  Local charity workers in Plymouth with lots of volunteers would love a thank you just sometimes instead of loads of moaning all the flippin’ time…(slightly personal that, sorry) – you get the idea.
Last week, I had to say thank you to someone who had given me some advice I didn’t like. Didn’t do it straight away. Not because I was sulking (for a change) but just because I had other stuff on. However, once the dust had settled – I went back and said thanks. Consider thanking people who were right  – even if its retrospectively.
Its now up to you to get DOING.
Very nice meal out thank you. Lovely table and view over the Hoe. Very nice food. Unfortunately we manged to time the trip out so we found ourselves smack in the middle of quiz night but I knew the answer to at least five of the questions in the sport round so win-win, I think you’ll find.
Sorry for the length of this post but just wanted to talk a bit about the footballer/super injunction thing. The footballer’s name is out there now,  I guess we all thought he was one of the good guys but there you go. All I’ll say is that when he says – “You can’t reveal this because it will hurt my wife, humiliate my children and destroy my credibility.” Whatever happened to “I can’t sleep with this person because it will hurt my wife, humiliate my children and destroy my credibility.” Call me old fashioned if you feel you must.


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