Easter Thoughts

Better late than never for Easter things, you are probably thinking but I’ve had a lot on. I’ve also been a bit put off from leaving Christian women thoughts of any kind because I’ve been reading proper Christian lady thoughts by proper Christian women and have been left feeling inadequate as usual. If you don’t know what I mean, have a look here
I’m not having a dig at this honest. It makes me feel like I’m playing at it.  But, this would never work in my house. I can’t make soap, chickens terrify me and neither of my kids will wear the bonnet.
Anyway, this is a photo of our first beach barbeque of the year. It was actually warmer than it looks and very pleasant indeed. In my usual housewifely way, I forgot to take cutlery so had to add mayo to BBQ chicken salad by using BBQ tongs (bit messy) Also, we forgot the salad. Always takes us a while to get into the swing of things come beach time. Only three of us there because Eldest Fruit of Womb was at Spring Harvest doing usual spiritual stuff – stealing mattresses, kicking down toilet doors when people are on the loo, caravan jumping and complaining about the worship band. I suppose we will have to get used to more of it just being three of us but it did feel a bit weird.
We went to the beach on Good Friday. We don’t make a big thing of it, but I like to be a bit quiet on Good Friday. Try to avoid shopping and all the usual melee in here is toned down a bit. In my life I have seen the day go from preachers in velvet jackets waving fifteen inch rusty nails at you shouting “Bleeding! Dying!” to services where the preacher smiles and says “Why the long faces? The story has a happy ending!” then having to watch a congregation who came in ready for some thoughtful contemplation finding themselves pogo-ing to “O Happy Day” For me, the best way is somewhere in the middle. It is a happy time because it is the day that God’s great plan began to move into its final stage but it is also a day to stop and “think about what had to happen for us to benefit” (Head of House’s words not mine) I am the queen of the whingers I know, but I am forever grateful.

On completely different note, have received strange email from Next asking me what I will be wearing for “the wedding”. So either, I have had an invitation that Next are aware of and I am not, or they are assuming that I will be buying an outfit from them and sitting in front of the telly in full wedding guest regalia. Odd no? Is it me?
On second completely different note. this weekend saw Darling Daughter’s fifteenth birthday. Fifteen! She is pleased because she can now get in to see 15 movies. (We’ll be the judge of that, lady) and she is awash with money. I am pleased because surprise lunch with her friends at all you can eat Chinese went off without a hitch and me giving game away so my shredded nerves can now recover.
On yet another completely different note, you can now leave comments at the end of all this waffle. Please do – its very comforting. Not sure what was wrong before. Apparently someone had ticked the no comments button. No idea who. You can either put your name, your url details (your details you used if you are a follower) or even anonymous then just comment. Feel free to go back to previous posts. Just don’t be too mean. I am a delicate flower as you know.


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