Random Sunbathing Dog Moment

The sun is out in Devon (today anyway) and Mad Dog is as pleased as anyone. I have spent some of the week at a Community Transport Conference in Manchester (any more of this and people will think I am a real manager) so thoughts are a bit random again. (No change there I hear you cry.)
Returning to Manchester was good. Had some nice times with family and friends in the evening – after working hard all day and networking for England in case my trustees are reading this. Stayed in the Midland Hotel which was very nice indeed. I managed not to touch room service or the mini-bar. A hotel breakfast is surely one of life’s lovely things. “Coffee or tea madam? Brown or white toast? Help yourself to the buffet.” These are some of the nicest words in the English language.
Anyway, I’m not the only one gallivanting. Head of House and Senior Sprog have just got back from looking at York University. The boy completely loved it and that’s where he wants to go. You must not think that my frequent hysterical sobbing means that I am remotely troubled by the fact that this is about as far north as he could go without leaving the country. I love York too but this seems a bit of an extreme course of action to make sure that we can all get tickets for the panto. (BTW – York Panto – best in the country. No discussion. Although any information in comments about York gratefully received) Senior Sprog’s results so far are good. He has the offer. He’s going I think.
Finally, some culture. I don’t want you to think that I’m any kind of expert on Shakespeare because I’m not. Believe me, you couldn’t be living here. Most theatre companies treat Plymouth like Narnia – only further away. But this week we were visited by the National Theatre who presented us with Hamlet. It was in modern dress, set in a kind of police state, giving it a completely different perspective. Rory Kinnear was as amazing as everyone said but there wasn’t a bad performance. I went with Junior Sprog and at half time when I asked her what she thought, she was so captivated, she could hardly speak. We actually stood up to applaud at the end and I haven’t done that since I saw the Funk Brothers at the Apollo in Manchester. Quite a moment.


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