Faith Musing

Good grief its windy here. I set off for work looking fairly normal and arrive looking like something from the tornado scene in Wizard of Oz.

It has been a strange week. Not much fun. Not a black time but definitely a sort of medium grey.
Lots of things giving me cause to pause. I’m still sometimes shocked by the way Christians treat one another. Don’t get me wrong. I am more than aware of my capability of being a nasty piece of work and that is before taking my thought life into account. But sometimes, I hear a story and..well..its disappointing. Isn’t anyone scared of God anymore? When I was being brought up in the olden days, I was told that the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom which I took to mean that God was more than capable of smacking your backside if that’s what it took to make you see sense. (I understand you may have a problem finding a scripture to support that piece of theology but look hard – I’m sure its there. Try Ezekiel.)
What happened to gentleness? Considering others? Not bruising someone else’s faith? Now I hear its all about bigger picture thinking. Moving towards a grand vision for God. We all have to toughen up and get with the programme. You can’t make an omlette without breaking eggs. You can make lemonade out of lemons or something or other.I’m not so sure. I understand that people can be difficult. Some people are so high maintenance they are almost impossible to cope with sometimes (and for that I apologise) but I just think that if Jesus – whose vision was about dying to save us (which qualifies as quite a big vision I think) managed to achieve everything he set out to do without leaving a trail of bruised, disillusioned shells of people behind him….then surely his example is something we should at least have a go at?

I am old and I have seen Christians in action for many years. The stuff we never seems to learn includes..

1. Taking a deep breath and counting silently to five before I speak out some so-called advice.
2. When that voice in my head is screaming “Shut up!!” – trying to think that this may be God and even trying to do what He asks for a change.
3. If I am about to dispense some advice that will tear someone in half – it is very rarely “God speaking through me”
4. Sometimes I am getting on other people’s nerves almost as much as they are getting on mine so I should lighten up.

What I have learned this week…

I can knit! Well a bit. Finished my cushion and its not too offensive is it? I am still working on an angel for the Christmas Tree but am a bit concerned as her legs seem a bit too fat (not that there is any problem with fat legs!) but I’m having problems getting her dress to close round her thighs which as every woman knows, can be an all too distressing sign of a problem in the overeating department. I am working on it. (the angel – not my thighs)I may or may not post the results!


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