Failed Again!

Think this may be the last summery looking photo this year -though actually it is colder than it looks. Trips to beach to walk small complicated dog are now restricted because of the lack of daylight and the frequent driving rain.
I try every year to muster enthusiasm for Autumn – if only to hold back the start of the Christmas Argos adverts (although they are quite funny this year) but its less about mists and mellow fruitfulness and more about drizzle that gets under your brolly and leaves you with wet trousers all day.

I have to report that my attempts to increase my spirituality, which were to start by reading a good Christian book, have been scuppered at the first hurdle. I am completely captivated at the moment by a rival for my reading affections. The brilliant Wolf Hall.

Its a sort of soap opera of Thomas Cromwell’s life but for clever dicks. I don’t mean I am and I don’t meant that in a bad way – it just makes you think a bit more and she writes so well that you keep stopping and thinking.
It does have a spiritual edge as well though. Christians burning for their faith. To be allowed to read the Bible in English was heresy and would cost you your life. Again, makes you think. Sometimes my faith wavers if I can’t find a parking space!

Anyway have actually bought a proper Christian book now. Eugene Peterson – Eat This Book and promise will report back. Eventually.
Lots of things occupying my little mind but chief among them is sleepover for 3 girls at our house tonight. (It was certainly my turn to have them but… well it will be fine – if a bit noisy) and also Steve Martin on Jools Holland playing the banjo. Bring it on!!

Things I have learnt…
Those of a nervous disposition please look away now.

I have learned that when you don’t put enough shells on your home made garden decoration that it can look a bit…well.. rude. Sorry.


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